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Newborn euthanasia

CNN article here.

I'm mostly interested in what the rest of y'all have to say, but for what it's worth, here's my two cents...

The idea is horrifying, but more because of the thought of having to make that kind of decision than the practice itself. It's my worst nightmare, having to give birth, knowing that the child won't live, or will live in excruciating pain and misery. I actually wish this was an option available here in the US, instead of having to be resigned to simply withholding treatment and watching your baby slowly die. I honestly think that I'd much rather be able to hold my child in my arms, knowing that s/he was finally relieved of its misery, and have the comfort of knowing when death will arrive rather than having time crawl by.

I guess another large part of it is that it is what I would want if it were my life in question. If that was me, lying deformed and in pain with no hope whatsoever of recovery? I most certainly hope that my guardians would end my misery. (In fact, I'm looking into having a DNR specifically put in my will, as well as a clause stating that should euthanasia become legal in whatever place I'm residing, that it be considered an option under set circumstances.)
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