Alive, but invisible (halle) wrote in fs_parenting,
Alive, but invisible

And also...

Interesting side-effect of parenthood: you find yourself uttering words and phrases that you never, in a million years, expected to hear youself say. Just today I was in the waiting room of the doctor's with the girls, and I heard myself saying "Sweetie, I need you to stop licking that chair". Which is something that I didn't have much occasion to say before having children. Other improbable but necessary utterances?
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From today: "Lilah, honey, Dr. Corlett doesn't need your help giving Mommy a Pap."
Ohhh, that's priceless.
Told while holding Lilah up under my chin, to my wife who thinks I'm gay anyways: "Look, baby! It's my beard! .. .. Doh!"
So, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one whose wife thinks he's gay.
A current recurring favorite in our house is cheerfully saying, "Bye-bye pee! Bye-bye poop!" Of course, the fact that Julia is finally potty-training means that I'm more than happy to have whole conversations with her excretory matter.